The Book of Common Prayer, continued.

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Earlier this week I was asked by our Bishop to help design the schedule and offerings for our fall Clergy Conference. Unlike recent conferences - which i always enjoyed - this one will not employ an outside speaker to present us with an idea for a new program or something similar. Instead, it's going to be primarily a time for us to worship and pray together and to meet in small groups for discussion and reflection. Each group session will be led by members of our own clergy; I have been asked to lead one on developing and maintaining a Rule of Life.

Some of those conversations, including my own, will involve delving into the richness of our Prayer Book, an exercise I truly enjoy (in case you haven't noticed that). For those of you who may similarly be enamored with or just interested in the Book of Common Prayer, we are discussing it in the rector's forum each Sunday. I wrote some about that last week, and this week i want to offer you this article, the first of two that deals with the centuries-long process that produced the Prayer Book we use now.