Holy Week and Easter


Holy Week begins this year on Sunday, March 25th, Palm Sunday. St. Michael's will hold services every evening of that week, Monday through Friday (along with a noonday service on Friday). Consider this a quick commercial plug for Holy Week services. Palm Sunday is moving and powerful, as we take our part in the two great crowds of Holy Week - the first welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem and hailing him as King of Kings, the second gathered in front of Pilate's headquarters, screaming for his death. Easter Day is joyful and glorious with bright flowers and cheerful hymns and celebration of the empty tomb. 

As wonderful as these two days are in their own respects, how we get from one to the other matters. If you think of those two days as bookends around Holy Week, then the days of that week make up the book in between them. Holy Week is the text, the story of Jesus' words and actions that reveal who he is more clearly than all the rest of his life put together. Holy Week is the condensed and concentrated version of the entire story of Creation and Salvation, a story we need to be a part of.

I have said for some time that if everyone came to every service during Holy Week, by the time we get to Easter Day, we wouldn't even need a sermon; we would all just "get it." I encourage you to come to church this Holy Week, not just once or twice, but every day if you can. Immerse yourself in these sacred stories, take part in the journey of Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter, and i think you will come to see Easter in a whole new light.