It's not Christmas yet, but...


Ok, it isn’t Christmas yet. We’re close but not quite there. That said, we are getting ready for it, both to worship our Lord and King at the commemoration of His birth and to receive Him when we encounter Him in the world outside the walls of our sanctuary. Here’s what’s going on, and I invite you to take part in our preparations for Christmas.

Angel Tags - If you picked up a tag for our Angel family, please bring their wrapped gifts to church with you this Sunday.'

Mysterious Santa - New stuffed animals can be brought into the church any time the church office is open, and on Sundays.

Decorations for Christmas Eve - December 17 and 19 at 5:30pm - we will begin assembling the window treatments and other decorations.

Don Callahan Food Drive - December 20 & 21, 9:30a-3:30p - come help stack, sort, and store all the canned goods that our neighborhoods will be bringing in.

Greening the Church - December 23, following the 10:30 service - we bring in and set up the decorations we made earlier in the week.

Christmas Eve - Solemn Christmass at 5:00pm with choir

Christmas Day - Mass at 10:30am