It's gonna be a quiet week at St. Michael's... (Ha!)

Tired Angel

Tired Angel

This is what some of our angels may look like after this coming week at St. Michael’s. We have a lot to do, a short time to do it, and we need your help. Here’s what’s happening this week; jump in wherever you are able.

Tomorrow - Saturday - at 8:00am we go into high gear for the Christmas Tree lot build. Charlean Smith is heading up breakfast for the workers; we’re having breakfast casseroles, fruit, juice, and donuts. Contact Charlean if you can help buy, make, serve, or clean up afterwards. As soon as we’re well fed, we head over to Daffin to build the tree lot; there’s lots to do, and we can use you. At some point tomorrow - we’re still trying to pin down a time from the nursery - our trees will be delivered, and we’ve got to get them unloaded, counted, and sorted.

Sunday - we gather all the food to go in the Thanksgiving bags we start giving away on Tuesday. Here is what we still need, in volume: cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, cornbread mix, cake mix/frosting, and especially Thanksgiving-themed reusable grocery bags. We do have the hams we need at this point; we just need more of the list above. We’ll use as much as you can bring. Also, the 2019 Pledge Campaign Celebration takes place between services that morning. What if you haven’t turned in your pledge card yet? Bring it with you!!!!!

Monday - we fill the Thanksgiving bags. We may actually have enough volunteers to accomplish this task by now, thanks to all of you who responded to the SignUp Genius request. Still, things could change, so if you’re around Monday morning, come on by.

Tuesday - we start giving out the bags through the I AM Food Pantry.

Wednesday - 10:00am Healing Eucharist as usual. After that, we should all look pretty much like the Angel above, so we’ll collapse until…

Friday - Christmas Tree Lot opens at 9:00am. Come help sell our trees!

Of course, Thursday is Thanksgiving Day - so eat (but not too, too much), celebrate, and give thanks for all God has done for you.