Our Community Cupboard

The Blessing of the Community Cupboard, given by our Girl Scout Troop

The Blessing of the Community Cupboard, given by our Girl Scout Troop

Last Sunday afternoon, members of St. Michael’s gathered with the Scouts, leaders, and parents of our Girl Scout Troop to bless the Community Cupboard that some of the girls had built as their Silver Award Project. I’m grateful to those who were able to be present and to those who planned and provided the reception afterwards.

If you usually park and come in from Washington Avenue on Sundays, I hope you’ll walk around the corner and take a look. The Cupboard will be stocked with snacks and other foods that are easy to open and require no preparation. It is always open and accessible to anyone who walks by. As you can imagine, the food inside goes very quickly, and I suppose that some who are not exactly in desperate need are availing themselves of it, and perhaps some others are taking more than they need. We might be tempted to let those be reasons not to offer such a thing, but the Girl Scouts were clear - they didn’t mind. They just wanted it to be there for anyone who was hungry. Sometimes kind innocence and even naivety are not such terrible responses, especially in a time when the supposedly more sophisticated and powerful in the world seem bent towards harshness and even cruelty.

When the Cupboard was first put in place, someone asked if i’d seen it, and with a shy look they said, “It’s not exactly perfect.” I thought about that for a moment and then replied, “Yeah, that’s true, but it really kind of fits with most of what goes on at St. Michael’s - imperfect, but done with love and a desire to help.”

If you want to help with our imperfect Cupboard, there’s always a basket for it at the entrance to the church building - drop off some snacks or other goodies there.