Vestry Nominations for 2018-21


Our Parish Annual Meeting is coming up the last Sunday of this month, January 28, following the joint 10:00am service. During that meeting, the congregation will elect three people to three years terms on the Vestry. The Nominating Committee is pleased to present to you the slate of nominees they have received; their names and some biographical information is below, as well as each nominees response to the same question: "What are your hopes and dreams for St. Michael's in the coming three years?"

Please feel free to contact any of the nominees if you have questions for them or if you would just like to get to know them better. The Nominating Committee and Vestry have determined that each of the candidates satisfies the requirements of the canons and by-laws to serve, and each nominee has agreed to stand for election.

We have four members nominated for three spots. As always, there will be an opportunity for nominations from the floor, but before you nominate anyone, please make sure you have their permission to do so, that they agree to serve if elected, and that they satisfy the requirements to serve on the Vestry of St. Michael's. 

According to our by-laws, members 18 years or older who are communicants in good standing are eligible to serve, with two exceptions - those living in the same household or who are immediate family members (parent, child, sibling, or spouse) of current Vestry members, and any outgoing member of the Vestry who has served a full term. A communicant in good standing is defined as a member who "unless for good cause prevented, for the last year has been faithful in attendance and in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom."

I ask that between now and the annual meeting we please hold these four angels in our prayers, including prayers of thanksgiving for their willingness to serve our congregation.


Nominees for Vestry 2018-2021


Victoria Blair usually attends the 8:00 service and has been a member of St. Michael's for two years. For the last few months she has been filling the final year of Jim Payne's unexpired term; she is eligible for election to a full term of her own.

Victoria's answer: I hope in the following years to help to grow the community of St. Michael's. As I and many others have felt upon coming into this congregation, I would like to expand on the welcoming feeling a newcomer finds when it happens to be their first oppurtunity to be with us. I want people to know that there is a place to call home when you feel you have nowhere else to turn and that the members of our church welcome others to be a part of the proverbial family with open and loving arms. I also hope to strenghthen my relationship with God to be of service of Him in helping others to find their way "home" in the sunlight of the spirit. I've found that in my short time as a part of St. Michael's I've come to a much better understanding of the liturgy and have been granted an abundance of gratitude to have met some wonderful people. I would hope that I could make that difference in someone else's life by being a member of our very admirable vestry.


Donnie Gruver usually attends the 10:45 service and has been a member for the past forty-five years.

Donnie's answer: I would like us to seek and attract more persons and families from our neighborhood. Also, I would like us to grow enough so that we will be able to offer Sunday religious education for the number of youngsters that will come with their families. Finally, I would like to get more of our members involved in the activities that we offer here at St. Michael and All Angels.


Jane Riner usually attends the 10:30 service and has been a member for 69 years.

Here is Jane's answer: I hope that St. Michael's will get some young families with children. I hope to have a young people's choir. A dream is to one day have a bigger place to operate the food pantry out of. I hope the church can have enough money to fix all that needs repairing in the church. My hope is to get more of the congregation involved in activities in the church.


Terry Timmons usually attends the 10:45 service and has been a member for three and a half years.

Here is Terry's response:

Continue to create, develop and enhance opportunities for:     

      ----- Community focus among the congregation and through outreach efforts

                      -Pastoral Care

                      - Food Pantry

      ------10 Year Plan for Facilities updating which includes a vehicle for funding 

      ------ Foster congregational growth and vitalization

                      -optimization of two services