Mystery Priests to Supply at St. Michael's

Okay, not really that big of a mystery, but St. Michael's will be having a couple of guest celebrants and preachers in the coming weeks, as i will be away for a couple of Sundays at the end of May and beginning of June. The first, May 28th, Christine and i will be in Las Vegas for her brother's wedding. No jokes about Vegas weddings, please - and yes, i realize that's a challenge. The following Sunday, June 4th, the Kelly family will be on their annual vacation to Bald Head Island, what we lovingly refer to as "our annual penance." 

The liturgically aware among you are at this point thinking, "Oh no! June 4th is Pentecost, and we have our traditional Pentecost in the Park service. What will become of us?" To borrow one of the most common of Scriptural pronouncements, "Be not afraid." St. Michael's will be in better than good hands for both of those Sundays.

On May 28th, we will welcome Canon Frank Logue among us. You're probably already very familiar with Canon Logue, but you may not know about his blog, which i recommend. Here's a link to his latest post.

And on Pentecost, June 4th, please be on hand to say "Welcome back" to the Rev'd Kelly Steele, our former curate. You can check out her website here. Remember that day we have one service, in Daffin Park, with lunch following.

I'm counting on y'all to show them why we think St. Michael's is the friendliest church around.