Happy Mother's Day

This first Mothers Day in the United States was held in 1907 in the small but beautiful town of Grafton, West Virginia. (There's wonderful mountain trout fishing very near Grafton, by the way.) The state of West Virginia declared it an official holiday in 1910, and the rest of the country did likewise very soon afterwards. Four years later, Congress officially designated the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day, and we've been celebrating it ever since.

While Mother's Day can be a wonderful and joyful day for many, for many others it can be a very difficult or sorrowful occasion, often for reasons people find hard or painful to articulate. On this Mother's Day we celebrate those women in our lives who have shown us and taught us the tenderness and loving kindness of God, whether or not they are our own or anyone else's actual mother. Thank God for these women, for their fierce and powerful love and for their gentle and compassionate hearts.

As we draw near to the altar this Sunday to lift bread and wine as an offering to God, i hope you also lift to the Throne of Mercy those women in your life who have shown you the face of God.