Anonymous Angel

Last week i wrote about an angel whose name we know, Gabriel. This week, it seems we have an unnamed angel as our subject. The back of our church has been filling up (as it so often does) with bags and bags of food you've brought in for our I AM Food Pantry. This week, it turns out there was what Louisianians refer to as a "lagniappe" -a little something extra.

That little something really isn't little at all. Tucked away among the bags of canned goods was a stack of Kroger gift cards - 50 of them, in fact. Along with the cards was a note, unsigned, that simply reads, "FOR FOOD PANTRY FAMILIES FOR EASTER. EACH CARD HAS A $20.00 VALUE. IN CHRIST'S NAME." Fifty cards at $20 a card - $1000 worth of groceries for our pantry guests, donated by an unknown angel.

Thank you, whoever you might be, not only for the food your gift will provide but also for your example of generosity and humility. Thank you for showing us that angels do indeed walk among us.