Thanksgiving - HELP!!!!

This is what we have left after Thursday

This is what we have left after Thursday

Every year we get together at Thanksgiving with Christine's side of the family, at somebody's house, for our annual reunion. It is a scene repeated across our country countless times. We've hosted this gathering twice, and we worry, "How will we manage THAT many people in our house? Do we have enough of everything for them?" I suspect we've all been there at some point.

Now imagine if for Thanksgiving you had 396 people coming to your house to be fed. That's exactly what happened at St. Michael's this Thursday. We provided Thanksgiving meals to 396 people, all in one morning. Our pantry angels are nothing short of amazing. But here's the problem - some of our extended family members couldn't make it here Thursday. They're going to come on Monday, and we need to provide for them. In the photo above, you see what's left of the massive collection of food we started the morning left. We have 18 hams left.

We would really like to have 50 bags of Thanksgiving meals to give away on Monday. That means we need 32 more hams, but we need "the trimmings" to go with: stuffing, green beans, yams, cake mix and icing, corn muffin mix, cream of mushroom soup. We can do it, i know, but we need your help. Please bring whatever you can to church this Sunday!!

Deep at the heart of all thanksgiving, without or without a capital "T," is an awareness of being in the presence of God and seeing that God has given us more than we could ask. For many of our clients, evidence of the presence of God in their lives can be hard to come by, and that's what we're giving them, as much as we're giving them food. Thank you for helping so many others understand and experience true Thanksgiving.