Thanksgiving at the I AM Pantry


As the particularly American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, we would do well to remember that it isn't just about eating too much or putting up with that one really odd member of your family that you only see once a year, nor is it about football or a head start on your Christmas shopping.

As its name suggests, Thanksgiving is really all about giving thanks to God for all the good things God has done for us. Of course, "all" is a big word for only three letters, so maybe it's better to focus on some or even just a few. We sometimes here that catchy little phrase of "an attitude of gratitude," but I want to suggest that maybe the best way to give thanks goes beyond attitude to action. If you really want to BE thankful, then DO something for someone else, preferably someone who can't return the favor - i think Jesus said something like that once...

And yes, I have a suggestion for how to do that, in case you're feeling stuck - the I AM Food Pantry. We are giving away Thanksgiving bags again this year, both to help give a number of folks a reason to be thankful but also to demonstrate to God, not just in thoughts or words but in deeds, just how grateful we are for the many ways God has blessed us. So please help us fill bags with food and hearts with gratitude. Here is what we need the most:

Canned Ham
Canned sweet potatoes
Stuffing Mix
Green beans
Small bags of rice
Cranberry sauce
Cream of Mushroom soup
Boxed cake mixes
and finally, reusable bags to put it all in.

Please bring these to church with you on Sunday, and then come Wednesday morning at 10:45 if you can, and help us put them all together. Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving.