Two important requests


In place of a post about a current event or a feast day or the like, we have two important pieces of St. Michael's news to share with you. First - and most pressing - the I AM Food Pantry is desperately low on certain key food items that go in our clients' bags. We need these by this Monday when we open the doors at 9am! If you can make it to the store this Saturday and bring these items to church on Sunday you will be a lifesaver.

Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables, Pasta, and Canned Potatoes

Secondly, it's time for Coffee Hour to start back! YAY!!! (Can you hear the angels rejoicing?) If you were involved last year, or if you weren't but would like to be this year, please join us in the kitchen for a quick meeting this Sunday following the 10:30 service. (This only applies to the 10:30 coffee hour folks.) We'll hammer out details for teams - we want to have six this year instead of four - and make plans for the coming year. 

While you're coming to the meeting, you can bring the canned goods above that you got at the store on Saturday. :)