Why We Call You Angels


Last week in this space we put out an urgent request for food supplies for the I AM Food Pantry. This is how you responded. In one weekend. A while back, when we first started to add more to our weekly email than just the schedule of servers for the Sunday liturgies, we started opening those emails with the greeting, "Hello Angels." It was a little tongue in cheek, a play on our church name combined with a lighthearted allusion to the 1970's TV show, "Charlie's Angels." It stuck, though, and now often instead of saying "a parishioner" or "a church member" we say "one of our angels."

If you've ever wondered why we think of the wonderful folk of St. Michael's as "angels," i would suggest you take a look at the photo above. Again and again, you show your love and generosity in displays like this or in much smaller and less visible ways that maybe only a few of us ever know about. You take food to the sick, provide rides for those who need them, or sometimes just take a fellow angel out for lunch because you worry they may feel lonely or unimportant. I usually hear about these acts of kindness not from the people (angels) who perform them but from the recipients. More times than i can count, i have been one of those on the receiving end.

True Christian living is not measure simply by how many Sundays a year you're in church or how many hymns you know by heart - not even by often or well you can quote Holy Scripture. It's shown much more simply by how you live and how you love. Indeed, the observation Tertullian notes about the earliest Christians applies equally to you angels - "see how they love one another."