From Joanna Ellis

Dear St. Michael and All Angels parishioners,


My siblings (Christine and Adam) and I want to say a huge thank-you for being such a loving congregation to our dear Mum Muriel Carnegie over the years, and for contributing in so many ways to her lovely memorial service. She so enjoyed coming to church on Sundays, her Sunday school class with Murray, the men of the congregation who helped her to her pew and made much of her, the beautiful music, the meaningful messages, and the whole worship experience. When she could not make it to the service, then she enjoyed receiving communion from Cindy, and visiting with Cindy afterwards. Regarding her memorial service, then I'd especially like to thank Father Kelly, Susan, and Kelly; Bonnie and the choir; the amazing ladies of the church led by Judy and Marie (and other parishioners) who gave so generously of their time and scrumptious food in order to make a special reception celebration after her service; Jane Riner and team who readied the church so beautifully for her service; the ushers Damian and Danny; and Jim Wilson who helped to make the experience with the funeral home so personal. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and please forgive me if I have inadvertently missed anyone else who made a special contribution. God bless you all, and St. Michael and All Angels. 



Joanna Ellis